One Limitation Of The Study Is That It Only Included Va Patients, Who Tend To Have Poorer Physical And Mental Health Than Other Veterans, The Authors Note.

Two-thirds of the suicides involved firearms, and another one-quarter were by intentional poisoning, the study found. After researchers accounted for veterans age and the severity of any medical conditions, the increased risk of suicide associated with substance abuse diminished somewhat http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz/ but remained meaningful in most cases. Once researchers also factored in mental health diagnoses, however, the findings changed. Differences between men and women diminished, and only alcohol and opioid misuse remained associated with an elevated suicide risk for female veterans. One limitation of the study is that it only included VA patients, who tend to have poorer physical and mental health than other veterans, the authors note. Because the cause of death for suicides is often classified as an accidental overdose, its also possible that the study might have underestimated the odds of suicide for certain substance use disorders, the researchers point out. We knew that a diagnosis of a substance use disorder increased risk for suicide, but this paper illustrates that not all substance use disorders are the same, said Rajeev Ramchand, a researcher in military mental health and suicide prevention at Rand Corporation who wasn’t involved in the study. There is an opiate crisis in America, including among our veterans, and this paper provides evidence that opiate addiction and suicide are strongly linked, Ramchand said by email. For veterans in particular, the transition from military to civilian life and problems with finances, housing, or spouses can be stressful circumstances that may make substance use or suicide attempts more likely, said Yu-Chu Shen, a researcher at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, who wasnt involved in the study. In addition, clinicians should be aware that deployments may increase suicide risk independently of underlying mental disorders, and so asking patients about deployment history is advisable, Shen said by email.

To read more visit http://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-veterans-suicide-idUSKBN16V2KA?feedType=RSS&feedName=healthNews

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