A Ballot Initiative Going Up For Vote On Nov.

Maria, Bree and Steve Green. Social workers and some of the mandatory reporters havent quite figured out how to make it work with new laws, said Indra Lusero, the http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz/ Colorado-based attorney. In Michigan, medical marijuana is not dealt with specifically in CPS policies addressing parent use of substances, said Bob Wheaton, spokesman for the state Department of Human Services. Our policy just says use or abuse of substance in and of itself does not constitute child abuse or neglect CPS has to determine if the use interferes with childs safety; whether the parent can safely care for the child. Wheaton said the department was currently taking a look at the policy and considering drafting policy that would address medicinal marijuana. The Family Law and Cannabis Alliance has drafted language specifically addressing the issue to include in new marijuana legislation, stating that if cannabis use is consistent with state law, this factor alone should not form the basis for an investigation or restricted custody rights. But theyve had trouble getting their language adopted by marijuana policy reformers. Activists worry it could harm legalization efforts. Theres concern that any protective provision of parental rights could result in opposition to the bill, said Jess Cochrane. Now, parents who are marijuana users could face bigger challenges in Colorado. A ballot initiative going up for vote on Nov. 4 seeks to amend the state constitution by defining a fetus as a person, in the criminal and wrongful death legal code. Drafters of Amendment 67 say the law would protect pregnant women and their unborn children by making it possible to charge someone with homicide for a violent act that results in killing an unborn child. Marijuana reform and pro-choice activists worry the amendment could lead to women having criminal assault charges brought against them if they use drugs while pregnant.

To read more visit http://fusion.net/story/24159/when-smoking-pot-can-mean-losing-your-kids/

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