A Case for Medical Marijuana: How Weed Helped a Teen Cope With 3,000 Seizures a Day

Toni Richard, the mother of a 15-year-old who has autism and epilepsy, allows her son to combat the 3,000 seizures a day he was once afflicted with by using an unconventional method: medical marijuana.

“In 13 years, my son had slept 50 nights, so the night we started medical marijuana, he slept through the night, and now he pretty much sleeps almost every night,” Richard told KRNV. “I am not a drug dealer. I am just a mom trying to keep my child alive. It’s not a gateway drug — we’re just trying to keep our children alive.”

Her son went 375 days without a seizure since first using medical marijuana as a treatment, according to Richard. He was taking between 20 to 25 pills a day for the seizures.

To read more: http://mic.com/articles/137224/a-case-for-medical-marijuana-how-weed-helped-a-teen-cope-with-3-000-seizures-a-day#.NxV5iNqt5

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