A Package Of Statewide Laws Passed In Late 2016 Which Allows Five Types Of Licensed Medical Marijuana Businesses Has Prompted Niles Local Government Leaders To Consider Whether To Allow Those Businesses To Operate In The City.

And next thing you know, these kids are on drugs. Several supporters of medical cannabis businesses in the city said they, too, dont want youth to get their hands on marijuana. Also, many of their comments focused on the pain relief benefits of marijuana and marijuana oil for patients who have legitimate medical marijuana cards received through medical doctors. Niles resident Jason Reynolds, another supporter, addressed someone elses comment that medical marijuana dispensaries have a front door for aboveboard business and a back door for illegal sales. Thats why theres seed-to-sale tracking (by the state of Michigan) to make sure theres nothing going out the back door, Reynolds said. As patients, you need to keep it out of the hands of your children. Its the same as any prescription drug that the hospital gives you. A package http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz/ of statewide laws passed in late 2016 which allows five types of licensed medical marijuana businesses has prompted Niles local government leaders to consider whether to allow those businesses to operate in the city. Customers of these businesses would be those with active and legitimate medical marijuana cards. Under this new Michigan law, retail dispensaries, growing operations, processing facilities, secure transporter, and safety compliance facilities, are the business types allowed. The state would determine how many plants can be grown and cultivated in these operations. The state laws also legalized the sale of more potent marijuana oils plus cannabis-infused edibles and other items for medicinal purposes. Still marijuana use, growth, cultivation, and possession over a certain amount remains illegal under federal law.

To read more visit http://www.southbendtribune.com/news/local/public-weighs-in-on-pot-businesses-in-niles/article_8a416c3b-026a-51b2-baf9-5b8a47b1566c.html

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