Additionally, Many Items Are Produced From The Plant, Including Fabric, Paper, Carpet, Auto Parts, Foods/beverages, Body Care Products, Cosmetics And Pharmaceuticals.

Farmers say the public may have misconceptions about hemp; some still view it as taboo and far too close to marijuana. But according to the state agriculture department’s website, hemp is “genetically different http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz/ than marijuana and distinguished by its use and chemical makeup.” Industrial hemp plants are low in THC, the widely known chemical compound found in marijuana, typically having less than 1 percent, according to KDAs industrial hemp facts. Marijuana plants are usually found to have 10 percent or higher. Additionally, many items are produced from the plant, including fabric, paper, carpet, auto parts, foods/beverages, body care products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In recent years, states like Alabama, California, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have joined Kentucky in pro-hemp measures, with several developing pilot growing and research programs by 2015. With commodity prices declining, state agriculture officials believe Kentucky farmers interest in industrial hemp and alternative crops is growing Currently, farmers can only grow industrial hemp as part of the states pilot program, which began in 2014 after authorization by Section 7606 of the U.S. Farm Bill, which opened the crop back up to Kentucky. Hemp can be grown for three harvestable components: fiber (stalk), grain or floral material, according to Hamilton. The program participants are researching all aspects of the plant and investigating crop production techniques as well as process and marketing, she said.

To read more visit http://www.clintonherald.com/news/kentucky-banks-on-hemp-as-next-cash-crop/article_a9b3ea24-e264-11e6-b625-73e8f8f9ba46.html

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