He Also Connected With Amanda Reiman, Former Head Of Marijuana Law And Policy At The Drug Policy Alliance , Whose Research At University Of California, Berkeley, For More Than A Decade Has Focused On The Use Of Cannabis As A Viable Substitute For Prescription Drugs.

Yet because of its longtime classification as a Schedule 1 drug (right up there with heroin), research on marijuanas impact on our health remains limited and largely inconclusive. After Giraldos death, Schrank began working with Bienenfeld on treatment plans that incorporated marijuana as a crucial detox step. He also connected with Amanda Reiman, former head of marijuana law and policy at the Drug Policy Alliance , whose research at University of California, Berkeley, for more than a decade has focused on the use of cannabis as a viable substitute for prescription drugs. This January, Schrank took another step and opened High Sobriety a first-of-its-kind rehab center that uses cannabis as a central part of its treatment plan. Seen as a highly contentious move in the rehab world, High Sobriety has been met with skepticism and criticism for its use of marijuana in http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz/ a field where success is traditionally measured by total abstinence. Unapologetic approach A view of Culver City, the southern California neighborhood home to High Sobriety. Photograph: Pete Pin for the Guardian High Sobriety is an unapologetic name for an unapologetic approach Schrank feels could have saved not just Giraldos life, but those of countless others who find themselves trapped in the vortex of drug addiction. The center is housed in an inconspicuous set of gray and orange row houses in Culver City, Los Angeles. Step inside the new facility, and you feel like youve entered a West Elm showroom. Behind a set of glass doors is what Schrank calls the consumption area, a deck overlooking a busy industrial street where patients at High Sobriety will use marijuana when allowed by the doctor overseeing their care.

To read more visit https://amp.theguardian.com/science/2017/mar/09/opioid-addiction-marijuana-treatment-joe-schrank-high-sobriety

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