Medical Cannabis Equals Big Business

All across the state companies are registering for businesses that relate to medical marijuana, everything from clinics to growing equipment and even lawyers that specialize in this area. The revenues that the stores (comfort stations) bring to the economy of the community is in some cases, not enough for the politicians to get behind. New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania are just a few of the other States, along with Florida that currently have bills looking to legalize this drug for medical and/or recreational use this year. The map to the right shows which states have bills pending on this topic.

With all the talk of the benefits of this drug especially to cancer and epilepsy patients a lot of politicians are changing their views on this somewhat controversial law and still more are standing firm against it. They are the ones that are dead set against medical cannabis being legal no matter how beneficial its effects are on those with chronic pain or debilitating illnesses, and they will stand firm against recreational use, and continue to make noise about its medical use. Fear of letting children believe that medical cannabis is a green light for recreational use is what they will use to stop what equals big business in their respective States, and there is opposition in just about all of the United States.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://guardianlv.com/2014/04/medical-cannabis-equals-big-business/

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