The Settlement Calls For Schneiders Medical License To Be On Probation For At Least Three Years.

Schneider has said state officials were targeting him for serving so many prospective medical marijuana patients. He denied doing anything wrong and didnt admit wrongdoing in last weeks settlement. He said he agreed to the settlement to avoid the risk of harsher penalties if his case had gone to a public hearing. The settlement calls for Schneiders medical license to be on probation for at least three years. He is required to transfer any of his patients who have been prescribed narcotics to another health care provider within 90 days and to not prescribe narcotics to any new patients for longer than 12 weeks. He must limit his solo practice to the http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz/ care and treatment of medical marijuana patients and make reports to state officials every three months on his place of residence, practice locations and any arrests or civil actions. The consent order resolves all pending issues with DFPR, state spokesman Terry Horstman said. Schneider said he doesnt mind reducing his prescribing activities. The agreement, he said, Allows me to keep doing what Im doing. The new clinic locations are cheaper to operate and continue to satisfy a need, he added. More Illinois doctors have decided to assist patients in the certification process than when he first opened the clinics in 2013, he said, and recently enacted legislation tweaking the law no longer requires doctors to say they believe medical marijuana will help their patients. But finding a cooperative doctor still can be a challenge for patients, Schneider said.

To read more visit http://www.sj-r.com/news/20170325/siu-grad-says-state-discipline-wont-interfere-with-service-to-marijuana-patients?rssfeed=true

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